1. <b> </b> I went out of my room and my mom asked me to do the dishes, my dad tried to get me to talk to relatives back home, and my sister tried to bribe me to do the laundry for her.....so I went back in my room.<p>

  1. chagatai2 said: What do you think about Turkey ? As Albanians?

    personally i love it i think it’s a very beautiful country and i get to go next summer for a week! i think Albanians in general like it as a country i haven’t heard anyone say anything negative about it, also like half of Albanian food is actually Turkish food so that’s cool


  2. Anonymous said: did you watch the world cup? who did you wat to win

    i did! i wanted Germany to win however i wanted them to be playing against Brazil for the final, but im still really happy with the result

  3. kreshnikilazi:

    Tirana city

  4. albanianarch:

    Manastir ne Voskopoje

  5. fyeahalbania:

    Beach in Albania.

  6. rickobangz:

    Sunshine at Dhermia Beach, Albania | tickmedia

  7. europeandaisy:

    Albanian Shota

  8. foresity:

    Albania - Beach - Typical Vlora || Bach Q. Ha

    (Source: Foresity)


  9. ilmaldigolamentrepiangi said: Do you love elbasan?

    yeah I really like it! it reminds me a lot of tirana from what i’ve seen, but then again i’ve only been there a couple of times. but i did try bugace for the first time when i went there and it was actually really good which I didn’t think it would be so that was cool